22 set 2013


Barangaroo is being built on a vision that embodies all of Sydney's unique harbour city character - the perfect place to work hard, do business or simply relax and enjoy the view.
This is the brilliance of Sydney - an international city that retains enough of its laid back character to genuinely enjoy the fruits of all that hard work. And that is the brilliant work life balance of Barangaroo.
State of the art sustainable office buildings represent the architecture of the future. Yet they are built within a harbourside precinct that takes its workers back in time, down to the sparkling harbour waters and the unique Australian native bushland of the new Headland Park. A stretch of lush harbour headland inspired by the original foreshore that existed two centuries ago when modern Sydney was born.
It will be a truly remarkable place. One minute you could be chairing an international video conference call with millions of dollars riding on the outcome. The next you can step out under a perfect blue Sydney sky and sit by the water under the all-embracing shade of a native 'angophora' tree.
The vision of Barangaroo is to bring all parts of Sydney together: east, west, north and south. With a new ferry terminal and green transport plan linking the city's west to the CBD's western foreshore. Underlining the unique opportunity presented by building the most important development in an established major city that still has a bright future ahead of it.
The Barangaroo vision is also one of inbuilt sustainability to eliminate waste, preserve precious water supplies and dramatically cut power requirements and consequently running costs.
So much so that the 'greenest' buildings in the Sydney CBD will be capable of generating renewable energy beyond their own needs - so Barangaroo will, literally, help power Sydney's future.
Creating a greener, more liveable, more cost efficient and more sustainable working environment, is just part of the Barangaroo vision. This will be more than just a great place to locate a company or come to work. It will bring new retail, restaurants, apartments and public spaces. So Barangaroo will be a brilliant place for every Sydneysider and visitor to this magnificent harbour city.
Barangaroo will turn the western city foreshore into the only place in the CBD where people can connect with and touch the harbour waters. Rock pools and native sandstone will form the rejuvenated foreshore; two new harbour coves will reclaim 2.7 hectares of harbour lost to previous development. Helping make what is already a great city to live in and even better place to work, relax and play.
In short, the Barangaroo vision is to take this 'one in 200 years opportunity' and create an even more brilliant Sydney.

Seoul, Korea, 2013

Amoje Food Capital, Food Court, Seoul, Korea, 2013

Amoje Food Capital plays on the idea of the spacial, visual landmark as a gathering place. It creates a recognizable, iconic location in the space for people to gather, meet, socialize and eat in color! The organic “islands” not only infuse the space with character and contemporary aesthetic, they serve as a pivotal landmark around each column, where people meet and gather. The islands are centrifugal in arrangement, inviting users to interact, communicate and socialize in the space. This creates a lively dynamic setting which generates a sense of place for gathering and will ultimately make the space successful. The undulating perimeter of the area is perforated to create visual openings for service counters. Snack locations are “carved” into the surrounding perimeter creating with strong visual highlights for the eye inside. The floor plays off the linear patterns of the perimeter wall creating a strong wireframe that creates a sense of continuous dynamism and motion within the space.

Client: Lotte Amoje, Korea
Category: Restaurant
Facilities: Restaurant
Design period: Nov 2012 - Jan 2013
Construction Period: Feb 2013 - May 2013