13 apr 2012


Have you ever come across a glass house? Not those ones which poses just huge glass walls or chambers. An apartment made completely of glass. Well, here is one! This is no movie set or any kind of art object; it is in fact a residence. I can imagine your amazement. This glass concept home is created by Italian design firm Santambrogio. Carlo Santambrogio and designer Ennio Arosio have said that it was the desire of the client to build it in glass completely. Located in Milan, the house sits in the middle of a wood clearing. The glass material used for its construction is 6 to 7 mm thick. The material can be specially heated during the winter, which is one of the best and most demanded characteristic feature. It is simply awesome to behold and looks like a perfectly cut and polished glass cube from outside, with a blue tinge to it. But I really wonder how one could live inside such a building.

As you can see, everything single thing in this house is made of glass including the floorings, ceilings as well as the staircases — yes you’re reading it right, glass staircases. Even the book cases, the tables and the cabinets are made of glass. The only things we could find not being made out of glass are the bed and the fancy couch. Actually the bed frame and the couch frame ARE made of glass, but there’s a nice mattress in there to accommodate your body — after all, who would want to sleep on glass?!

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