10 feb 2013

BEIJING FENG TAI / Beijing / China

Studio Marco Piva, together with its Chinese Partner  DGI Design, were asked to 
look at Feng Tai’s future financial center, an area of 16 square kilometers, and 
suggest ways in which it could create a whole of it, more than the sum of its parts.
The proposal made by Studio Marco Piva and DGI Design aims to maximize land 
use without sacrificing green space, creating solutions that will make Feng Tai 
both an international icon and sustainable city of the future. 
A radical new proposal for a city center which works within existing urban 
parameters but creates a new type of living and working environment.
Control  development e ectively, deal with tra c, create an attractive, e cient 
and livable environment which could position the City Financial District for growth 
and success. A plan that follows the principals of the twelfth five year plan to 
create a scientific and harmonious environment which balances economic 
opportunity and social development.
Philosophically western planners have been working under the assumption that 
city planning should look at three values live, work and play we would add two 
values which we believe are essential both for cities and society "contribute" and 
"fulfill". Without these societal values cities become little more than collectives for 
the pursuit of self interest and pleasure. 
Cities to be great must provide economic opportunities and create communities, 
one has only to talk to those who live in New York, London, Paris, Rome, Singapore, 
Tokyo etc... about their sense of their city and their identification with it. To 
understand the value of community. 
These ideas are not new to China, they are in fact part of China's culture and 
philosophical history, Daoism, Confusianism and the ancient systems and 
philosophies refer to them explicitly. We believe that to be complete China must 
embrace its culture and values and balance economic and social forces and 


 A design concept which draws on traditional Chinese concepts of morality and
A design concept which recognizes Feng Tai's unique natural and historical
A design concept which recognizes Feng Tai's challanges and o ers solutions
A design concept which maxamises land use in concert with human needs and
A design concept which will create a unique international brand for Feng Tai

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