1 apr 2013

iPhone Ordered Barista Coffee from a Faucet: The TopBrewer Coffee Maker

Yes, you did read that right, and no, this is not an amazing, unattainable and loftily aspired-to concept product. The Scanomat TopBrewer is a living, breathing, milk-frothing, espresso-dripping piece of fully-automatic and stainless steel genius. The elegant, cleanly arching faucet and sculptural bean supply are the only visible parts of the quality beverage machine. The rest of the complicated parts are neatly tucked away beneath the counter.
The Brewer can create hot and cold beverages, dispense juice, froth milk and compile ingredients to form your favorite coffeehouse combo. For initiating brews, the unit includes a touch screen with a below-glass ordering interface. Or, if they're just that cool, users can send orders and commands via the iPhone. As if that weren't enough to make immediately run out to the proverbial store and get one of your own, the unit also boasts fresh water use and is self-cleaning.

The Scanomat TopBrewer fully redefines what we might ordinarily perceive as a coffee brewer. "All drinks are brewed to barista standards using precision grinders, tamper pressure, pump pressure and water temperature."

And how could I forget...
"Finally, the iPhone makes coffee." Thank goodness, no more interacting directly with machines. Now we can message our coffee maker—it will listen and reward you with a beverage of your liking.

This very well could be the pinnacle of human, technological greatness. Though we're not sure how much this amazing machine will set you back, since Scanomat has yet to release pricing or purchasing details.

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