2 mar 2012

Made in Italy Exhibition in Qatar

Our Message
Doha Enterprise will mark its First Annual Made in Italy Exhibition, a first of its kind to showcase your products and services, it is going to be the gateway to enter not only the Qatari market but also the neighboring GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries.

Qatar is a fast growing nation and is showing indicators of prosperity as well as raising demand for high quality and luxury products. The escalating needs for new goods and services makes the First Annual Made in Italy Exhibition an appealing destination for Italian companies to invest and engage in new business ventures in the whole region.

Made in Italy Exhibition will be promoting not only the products and services but also aims to promote the Italian Lifestyle, Italians Creative Innovations and Luxury Designs.

The launching of Made in Italy Exhibition will make way for Italian Companies to support the transformation of Qatar towards the realization of its vision. Unfolding the pages of the history for Qatar, lays the contributions of Italian Companies which will maintain and boost the strong bonds between both countries
To Download Made in Italy Qatar brochure Please Click Here

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