31 mar 2012


Look at this lovely thing! We just love architecture that doesn’t just work at blending in and complementing the natural surroundings, but those that actually work at actively respecting and even honoring nature, like the Trunk House in Victoria, Australia by Paul Morgan Architects. Utilizing the materials that are naturally available in the region and really considering how one uses the ecology of the land that the house will be situated in to consider how to build this place, this is a really great example of sustainable modernism.
“This project has evolved the building type, the small weekender, by answering a simple question—how does one go into a forest and use the forms of the ecology to build a house? The project is a small cabin in Victoria’s Central Highlands. The clients are medical practitioners/ academics with a daughter attending university. The brief included a living area, small kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. They asked for a small forest cabin in which they could practice choral signing. They desired a small habitat that connected them with the isolation one finds in a forest, and the closeness to the birdlife.”
 What do you think about this home? Love love or meh?

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